Monday, November 24, 2014

Hasta Ver A Mi Zona

Well this week was a roller coaster.  We lost our district leader, one of our zone leaders, and two hermanas.  And since our zone is only 10 missionaries, that was almost half.  It was really sad, but we will see what happens in transfers tomorrow.  I do know that I am getting transferred, but I don´t know more than that, so this email is going to be a two part deal.  And you guys will have that to look forward to next week.  
  In other news.....I felt my first earthquake!!!  whooo.  It was really soft and i didn´t even realize it was an earthquake.  I thought that maybe it was a big truck driving by or something, but I was super excited.  We were in a lesson and the house started shaking a little bit.  I wasn´t even paying attention to it, but everyone else stopped and was being all quiet, and I was like what´s going on.  And then they said, "An earthquake."  And I got all excited, and they thought I was all weird.
  We also went to this place called Harekrshnas which is an eco community where everyone is vegetarian and has this weird Buddha like religion and everyone is a hippie.  It was fun.
  Missionary news, our investigators never go to church.  We had 12 new investigators this week and not one went to church.  Really if any of you missionaries reading have found some secret to getting your investigators to go to church, I´d love to know.  And if anyone else has any ideas, feel free to share.

Well everyone have a great week!

Next week: What my fate is after transfers.

(I know I´m getting chubby, just ignore that)

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